How to line a cake tin

It doesn’t matter what size and shape your cake tin is, this method will work to line your cake tin successfully.

  1. First take your cake tin and a sheet of greaseproof paper, place the cake tin on the paper and draw around the base of your cake tin with a pencil. Cut out the shape and keep to one side for the moment.
  2. Then take a strip of greaseproof paper that is approximately an inch higher than the depth of your cake tin and measure it around the inside circumference of your cake tin overlapping an inch or so. Depending on the length of your strips of greaseproof you might have to line the sides of your cake tin in two halves. This isn’t a problem at all and some people prefer to do it that way anyway.
  3. Using scissors cut small slits into the base of your grease paper strip approximately 1 inch high around every 2 inches into the bottom edge of your greaseproof strips. Now you have everything ready to assemble.
  4. Grease the inside of your cake tin thoroughly using a pastry brush and oil, make sure you get into all the corners, edges or seams. Then take your strips of paper cut side down and place around the inside edge of your cake tin smoothing into any corners/seams your cake tin has. Make sure that the cuts you made earlier are flat on the base of your cake tin to allow for an overlap with your base piece of greaseproof. The fact you have only just oiled your tin will help the greaseproof paper stick to the sides of the cake tin.
  5. Place your base piece of greaseproof on the bottom of your cake tin, this should form an overlap with the cuts from the side pieces of paper making your cake tin fully lined without any gaps. Grease the inside of the tin/paper and you are good to go!