Types of Cake Tins

There are numerous types of cake tins which can be supplied in a number of shapes and sizes depending what you require, some of the more frequently used one are as follows

Sandwich Cake Tins

Sometimes called layer pans as these tins make layered/sandwich cakes. More popular in the UK than the rest of the world these tins are used to make cakes that you sandwich together for example a Victoria sandwich cake. These tins are shallower than other cake tins and are used in pairs

Deep Cake Tins

These cake tins are traditionally a solid all in one construction that can be used for deep cakes such as Christmas cakes or wedding cakes. The high sides allow for a dense moist centre to be retained as the outside of the cake firms up, which makes them ideal for fruit cakes. These tins are now sometimes available with a removable loose bottom to aid the removal of the cooked cake.

Springform Cake Tins

Round in shape these spring form cake tins have a removable bottom with an expandable wall. A spring clip is used to apply tension and contract the cake tin wall around the base. Once the cake is cooked the spring clip is released thus allowing for an easier removal of the cooked cake.

Loaf Cake Tins

Loaf tins can come in a confusing array of sizes but the most common ones used in recipes are 2lb and 1lb tins, which can be used to make a variety of loaf cakes for example, fruit cake, banana cake, lemon drizzle cake and of course the favoured by many  chocolate cake.

Loaf tin cakes are handy for baking  and slicing into individual portions, which can then be neatly frozen and stored in the freezer, ready to take out for packed lunches, picnics or that friend calling in for a cup of coffee at short notice.

They can of course also be used to make meat loaves and the vegetarian favourite nut loaf but traditionally they were used to make bread, the 2lb and 1lb tins hark back to the days where a baker had to make bread in statutory sizes before things became metric.

Flexible Silicone Cake Tins

This 21st century evolution sees the material of the cake tins being changed from the traditional metal to a flexible silicon material. This dishwasher and oven proof silicon allows for the mould to be bent and stretched when removing the contents. This naturally non-stick material also makes the washing up a breeze, something that the washer up will love too!


Cake tins can be made from a variety of metals/materials.

  • Non Stick – Easy to clean although can be scratched if vigorous with metal implements when removing cakes
  • Anodised – Hard wearing and non stick. Will last for many years if looked after
  • Stainless Steel – A relatively low cost durable option but without a non stick surface you may have to soak after use
  • Silicone – Flexible and non stick are a bonus but you need to be wary of the flexing when carrying around with wet contents!


Traditionally cake tins have been round or square but more often now a days people want novelty cake tins to make cakes in the shapes of various objects such as cartoon charters, cars, animals and musical instruments! These tins are now a very popular choice for all occasions and can help the novice to make something spectacular!