Different types of Food Mixers

Mixers have been around since the end of the 19th Century when the first hand held egg beater was Patented by Sir Walter Scott.

Nowadays the mixer is a key ingredient in the home bakers arsenal and can be used for a variety of tasks such as mixing, whipping, folding and beating of various food based ingredients.

The mixer comes in one of two forms:
Stand Mixers are intended for more intesive tasks and lend themselves particularly well to cake mix making. The stand mixer has a solid base where the self contained bowl can be anchored. The head of the mixer then can be lowered and lifted into the bowl when required. There are normally a selection of attachments to accompany a stand mixer to carry out it’s various tasks and as with the hand mixer these can be removed for easy cleaning once used.

In the UK the two most common manufacturers are Kenwood and the imported Kitchen Aid. These robust pieces of equipment are renowned for going on for years and you’ll often find your mum or grandparents have had their mixer most of their life!

Hand mixers are operated by the user and moved around a bowl to mix the ingredients.  They are relatively small in size and the beaters can be removed for easy cleaning once they have been used.

Hand mixers are ideally suited to jobs such as cake fillings or cake toppings and can save the poor chefs arm from all that work!